About The Author

Harvey Wade is an experienced innovation leader who drives business impact from transformation and change programs. He knows what it takes to create, drive and sustain improvement in organisations, changing cultures to increase engagement and buy-in at all levels, enabling better performance and results.

Founder of the innovation and strategy practice, Innovate21, Harvey is a regular conference speaker, award-winning blogger and contributor on MBA and Exec education programmes, his innovation experience spans many industry sectors. The problems are different, but Harvey’s approach, tools and methods are universally applicable, delivering value to everyone he works with.

Harvey combines practical advice and direction on how to succeed, with empathy and experience. He has made the mistakes, learnt the hard way, and is able to pass on his learning to help others avoid the pitfalls!

He is immensely passionate about making positive change happen and often puts his reputation on the line to bring it about. Innovation is a risky business, but he believes it is a risk well worth taking.

Harvey also writes about the creative journey he is on where he captures gems of inspiration. Check out On a Creative Journey here.

Here’s how to contact Harvey…

Email:    harvey@innovate21.co                Twitter:   @HarveyJWade

Phone:   +44 (0) 7803 054838                LinkedIn:  HarveyWade

Skype:    harvey36wade                            Website: www.innovate21.co


Or use this form to contact Harvey:



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