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Encouraging innovative thinking and behaviours

About The Author

Harvey brings the experience of having been there and done innovation, working inside an organisation, providing external support to others. He has over a decade in named innovation roles in his twenty-year career.

Currently, Harvey is Innovation Lead in the Cisco Services Innovation Excellence Center (SIEC), where he develops and supports the innovation programs of Cisco leaders and their organisations.

Prior to joining Cisco, Harvey was Director of Innovation Strategy at Spigit, providing strategic direction and advice to blue-chip clients, including BP, Citibank, Johnson & Johnson and Scottish Water.

Before working at Spigit, Harvey designed, setup and ran the employee innovation program for Allianz UK, an incredibly successful program with over 35,000 ideas implemented, providing a multi-million return on investment.

Harvey can take a strategic view of situations, and understand the best route to take. However, he can also work in the detail, having the experience of bringing new strategies, concepts and ideas into reality, delivering results to a very high standard. Able to work with large communities to crowdsource the best ideas, and small, intimate groups to work to solve key problems. He is able to talk at the most senior levels, but can translate those messages to the front-line employees.

Harvey combines practical advice and direction on how to succeed, with empathy and experience. He has made the mistakes, learnt the hard way, and is able to pass on his learning to help others avoid the pitfalls!

He is immensely passionate about making positive change happen and often puts his reputation on the line to bring it about. Innovation is a risky business, but he believes it is a risk well worth taking.

Harvey also writes about the creative journey he is on where he captures gems of inspiration. Check out On a Creative Journey here.

Here’s how to contact Harvey…

Email:       Twitter:   @HarveyJWade

Phone:   +44 (0) 7803 054838              LinkedIn:  HarveyWade

Skype:    harvey36wade


Or use this form to contact Harvey:




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