Without realising it, my journey in innovation started when I began my career almost twenty years ago. I was always looking for better ways and how to improve things, and surprised when this wasn’t the norm with my colleagues. Various roles and job changes bought me into an actually “innovation” role, being responsible for driving and getting ideas from employees that would improve the company. Hard, hard work, but immensely satisfying when you can see the changes created, and shifting the culture towards a collaborative agenda.

The joy of seeing the “light bulb” moments in someone as they realise that they can implement the idea, they can make the change and they will be celebrated. Innovation is risky to “corporate careers”, as many fear making mistakes. However, I believe the bet must be taken to truly move cultures forward. If there are enough people making these decisions, the effect can be so impacting and long-lasting.

I have a passion for innovation, not just having the ideas, but seeing the ideas implemented and delivering value to the beneficiaries. It moves me when I see people courageously stepping forward to share their idea; being heroic in innovation is so key, and so under-valued. I want to see people rewarded for their innovative behaviour, and organisations to truly understand how to capture and use their people’s creativity to effect change for the better!

This blog will be a space for my thoughts, some of lessons I have learnt and questions I am working through. I welcome your comments and thoughts, and thank you for your participation.